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June 20,2015
Summer Wow!

I can't believe that a week ago I was franticly hand painting cards to have at my residency and now its already finished.  It was a terrific experience meeting fellow FCA members, the staff at the Gallery and having a chance to really enjoy the pieces of art that were hanging for the small, smaller, smallest show.  Being in the presence of all the great art was inspirational and I'm sure help keep my motivation up for painting those three days.  I managed to put out two paintings, a watercolor of Gibsons Landing and an Acrylic of a spray of flowers.  I don't often do acrylics these days, so this was a good challenge.  You can see the picture below.

I highly recommend the opportunity if you are a FCA member.  You can check out the mini-residencies by following the Federation on facebook or by following the twitter feed #FCA mini-residencies.  If you have time, visit the gallery - the summer gallery will be going up next week.

I just found out during my time at the FCA Gallery that I have been selected along with Artist Carol McQuaid and two other FCA members to participate in the Canada Celebrations on Granville Island.  We will be painting plein air by the giant silos on the Island.  The FCA will have all sorts of activities at the Gallery and you can come and say "hi", watch us paint, ask us questions and even buy art from us or the gallery!  We will have prints and paintings and cards for sale.  Now, I just actually have to start that frantic painting again!!!!! (I was at Opus's inventory sale yesterday - what a great shopping time that was :) )

I'll hopefully have twitter going on the day of the event and be sending out tweets from our vantage view.  Look forward to seeing some of you around on the island July 1st.

Summer Wow

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June 15,2015
Events to go to!

Getting quite excited and nervous about the mini-residency at FCA.  I went to take in Carol McQuaid's residency on the weekend and her work is just fantastic!  It also gave me an opportunity to gauge the space and what I need to bring with me for the next three days.  I'm trying to get all my material together, but as with everything - there's always something else that needs to be done at the same time.

I'm also really excited to find out that I was accepted with the entry of my Britannia Shipyard painting into the Harmony Arts Festival from July 31st to August 9th,2015

Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House

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June 11,2015
Mini Residency June 16-18th at FCA

Hi everyone.  Its just been confirmed, my mini-residency at the Federation Gallery will be June 16th to 18th.  Really looking forward to presenting some of my art and working on a watercolor as well as an acrylic.

I will have cards displayed and hope that lots of people will come and talk and see the gallery.

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June 10,2015
Lots to look forward to

Another very creative day yesterday, visiting with the Men in Hats plein air group at the gardens on the lawns of Hycroft.  Afterwards, painting with the Hycroft painters.  The plein air group was promoting the "Grand Prix" of plein air and you can check out the websites at the bottom of this blog.

Submitted my latest watercolour for the Harmony Arts Group Exhibition which will be held during the Harmony Arts Festival from July 31st to August 1st.  Lots to look forward to on the week long event.  I've participated in the last two years in the group exhibition, the last four years as part of the plein air event and last year I also volunteered.  This year is the 25th anniversary and will have all sorts of great entertainment and art!!!

Have submitted my request to do a mini residency at the Federation of Canadian Artist building on Granville Island and hope to hear soon if this is a go.  They have just sent out a facebook notification that they will be holding plein air sessions onsite on July 1st.  I hope to participate in this.

The Vancouver Sketch Club will soon start its summer session of sketching and I'm looking forward to their upcoming schedule starting July 8th.

I will be participating in September in a show with the Hycroft Artists.  On the  23rd of September, we will have an evening show at the Coach House featuring 4 artists and 1 jeweller.

Here are the links:


Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House

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