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October 30,2015
Ajijic Cultural Center Opening 3-5pm Oct 31st

Back to rain again as I splashed through puddles and running water to the Ajijic Plaza to present my painting for the Juried Show "Nature Of Mexico".  Amazing pieces were being unwrapped from their garbage bag covers!  Lots of interesting sculptures and jewelry were appearing - looks like it will really be an interesting show!

Due to the hurricane passing through here last weekend, many artists were confused about the take in for the show and the change in the opening times.  Hopefully, there will be a good turnout tomorrow for the opening of the event.  Right after the opening at the Cultural Center, the Galleria Sol Mexicana will be having an opening of their own with at least one of the Lake Chapala Painting Guild members, Geraldine Classen being in the show.

Its been too easy to get lazy due to the inclement weather.  I baked, read emails, looked at all sorts of great paintings and art on facebook, but didn't create much.  Did a 20 minute study, but other than that, just can't get my creative side to want to spend a good amount of time with my watercolor paper!

Inspiration is there...but the mind isn't in the right space..... hopefully this afternoon after writing this blog, I will put brush to paper!

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October 26,2015
The Nature Of Mexico and other recent activity

My time here in Mexico has started with a real flurry.  Hurricane Patricia had us all on edge.  We watched and waited this past weekend to see when it would touch down and how devastating it would be.  It was of concern enough for the board of the Ajijic Society of the Arts to cancel the opening of the Nature of Mexico exhibition.  The Cultural Center in Ajijic was designated an Emergency Shelter and would have made the hanging and opening of the show difficult to say the least.  Thankfully no great damage was felt in the area of Lake Chapala.

Getting back to setting up my art area and painting again has been slow.  However, having finished the first painting for the upcoming show, I'm more enthused about giving my paint brushes a good workout!

As a member of the Lake Chapala Painting Guild, we have setup a "Paint Out" for November 14th along the Ajijic Malecon.  We hope to make this a yearly event.

Back in Canada, one of my pieces is currently in a show with the Vancouver Sketch Club at the West End Community Center on Denman until November 7th.  The piece was the one I completed in Qualicum as part of the Grand Prix of plein air this past summer.

I also have donated the piece "Parrot Tulips" for the upcoming Christmas at Hycroft silent auction held from Nov 19-22nd.

No end of activities to keep me busy and happily painting!




Sun Bathed Aztec Reflection

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