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August 21,2014
Sketching in the Crescent, just off McCrae

The weather started out fairly cool compared to our past Wednesday sketching sessions. However, 8 of us from the Vancouver Sketch Club showed up to sketch around the Cresent, the park or homes in the vicinity. The sky was overcast so that made for less shadows and better colors. I settled on the corner house with more of a Tudor style. At first, afraid to put ink to paper directly, I did a prelimary sketch in pencil. However, as the shape of the house and the surrounding trees took form and the perspective looked good, I took to ink. Then it was just a matter of getting all the roof tiles, the chimneys and the trees filled in. The beech trees in the side and background had such a nice wine color, that I went with a quinacadrone crimson and gold and blended them in. The siding on the house was a mix of viridian, phalo blue and a little brown. I used more gold in the other trees in the forefront. And here is the result, a great sketching day all around. Next week we are in the Olympic Village with plans to go over to the birding island.The Crescent

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August 11,2014
Grand Prix of Plein Air

Harmony Arts provided a fantastic venue for the Grand Prix of Plein Air on Saturday August 9th. Arriving to hot coffee and muffins, we had a chance to catch up with other artists arriving on site, say hi to Alfonso Tejada who was convening the event. Ruth Payne was there too, but was very busy with so many other things going on at the event. Opus had some great prizes and there are wonderful pictures in Alfonso Tejada's facebook page. This year, he even did a video of the artists!Abbie's Tower Plein Air from Harmony Arts

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August 08,2014
The night before Grand Prix Plein Air at Harmony

Spent the day volunteering at the Harmony Arts festival ( at the Group Exhibition and enjoyed meeting some more of the artist exhibiting. Several more paintings have sold which is super for the artists. I can put away the great volunteer t-shirt displaying Sylvia Tait's painting selected for this years Harmony displays. Met Misha who was plein airing in readiness for tomorrow. It was a great day to be painting as the skiffs were out in full force with sailing students. She mentioned that she had been practicing on and off outdoors for the last month in preparation. She also mentioned that the group picture from last year will be displayed tomorrow. That will be interesting! I had an opportunity to revisit the market tents and enjoyed speaking to Carol McQuaid who has recently come back from a residency in Italy. Sounded absolutely fabulous and she certainly created some amazing work! She has another residency in the works too. This evening, I'm just preparing my materials for tomorrow's event. Not sure how many have signed up. Artists will start arriving by 9am as there will be coffee and muffins and the weather forecast looks great. I'm nervous, excited, not sure what I'll paint, but looking forward to the event!!!

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August 03,2014
Sketching at the park, Harmony Arts

Had an early morning heading over to the Harmony Arts Festival to volunteer at the Group Exhibition tent. Spent some time before hand grabbing a coffee and then wandering over to a very sunny John Lawson Park. Sat under the shade of trees and began sketching the surroundings. At first glance, it was the beautiful old logs that made up the pier at 17th. Then it was all the fishing boats near the mouth of the Capiliano River and the Lions Gate Bridge, then it was taking a few photos to recapture the sketches and for future reference. Could have stayed on longer, but the coffee was finished and it was time to head over for my shift. As I left, someone else was just starting to pull out their easels to get going for the day! As I walked along the new gravel path toward the Music Box, I had to stop to take more photos of the great morning. I sat just outside of the Music Box, on a large rock off the path,and did a quick sketch of the pathway and the edge of the water going to the pier. Suddenly, I looked up and this tiny tot is smiling at me in her over sized orange tshirt and striped sun hat. She had such a wonderful smile and sparkling eyes! Her parents had just turned around to head down the path, and here she was just standing there looking at me. I always find these moments precious. Slipped the sketch book away after that and started the morning helping the staff realign the paintings hanging in the group tent - a little wind can play havoc with paintings and pictures out in the open. Another wonderful and busy day at the Harmony Arts!Sketching at the Harmony Arts Festival

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August 01,2014
Harmony Arts Group Exhibition

Arrived in the afternoon to take in some of the events at the festival. The new opened area near the Music Box building and the community garden changes look great. The artwork presented for the group exhibition is both outdoors under a large tent as well as in the upper portion of the Music Box. Four paintings were already sold when I arrived for the opening reception. I met two other artists also present their work. The artists are amazing and the work is so varied. Looking forward to volunteering this week and meeting some of the people viewing the exhibition. The team lead by Meghan Leeburn has done a great job in showcasing all the work. Lots of artist sessions this week with some amazing artists at the Art Speak Tent. Check out the visual art section at Also, several artist friends are showing their work around Marine Drive in the various shops and restaurants as part of the Ambleside Art Walk that is tied into the Harmony Arts Festival. Keep an eye out for paintings and mixed media in shops and restaurants around Ambleside.

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August 01,2014
Harmony Arts Group Exhibition

Delivered my piece of art to the Music Box building yesterday in preparation for the Group Exhibition sponsored by Amica at West Vancouver. This is being held in large tents next to the Music Box building and the new community gardens between 15th and 16th along the water at Ambleside. As I wandered around the site being prepared for the opening, there were tents being set up, signage going in, as well as, the exhibit already setup in the Ferry Building for the artist that are part of the ArtSpeak tent. There is a really large sign for the visual art displays next to the Ferry Building and there are all the artists' names listed including mine! I also remembered to sign up for the Harmony Arts Grand Prix of Plein Air on August 9th from 10am-1pm. Just want to also remind anyone reading this blog that the opening for the Harmony Arts Exhibition of Visual Arts is tonite at 6pm. The art work can also be viewed online at under the "visual art" section. I will be volunteering druing the weekends at the exhibition tent and look forward to meeting all of you!Talpalpa, a walk with a view

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