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July 29,2014

A great sunny day to work with some wonderful Daniel Smith watercolors; the quin's! Together with some of my other artist's friends, the "Hycroft" painting group, we spent the afternoon focused on our various projects. One of my favorites that I've been working on is flowers and in particular tulips. I sketched from a photo I took at the market in Seattle, a while back. The photo was taken late in the afternoon when almost all the flowers were gone, but there were still loads of beautiful tulips in large buckets. Usually, I should have started with the background, but the colors were too much fun and I painted the flowers first. So, I will have to spend some time thinking of how to deal with the background.

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July 23,2014
Sketching with the Vancouver Sketch Club

We met together at the Silk Purse and sat under cover of the balcony there to sketch and paint. As we enjoyed the protection from the spitting rain, piano notes could be heard inside. We were having an impromptu concert from someone playing the piano. Outside, the weather went from warm to windy, rain to no rain, wind again and then suddenly, a ruckus started up. Seagulls, crows and even Canadian Geese were out on the water's edge and as we tried to understand why there was so much noise, an eagle came into focus. It swooped down and picked something off the water and came to the waters edge where it remained in the chorus of "ney" sayers. Seagulls and crows kept trying to swoop in and disturb the eagle. The eagle's mate flew by to distract the group and leave the other eagle to deal with its prey. We were able to get a few great shots of an eagle at rest no more than 30 metres away. After the excitement, we headed over to the coffee shop on 15th and encountered other artist friends having lunch. We had a great time catching up on all the latest in our artist lives and sharing cards and slide shows of art. Felt like we were back in the 20's in Paris and part of the local art scene (sans the electronic gadgets!).

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