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April 15,2021

Last April, I was really trying to learn about different watercolours used to make or paint greens.

I bought Pyrelene Green, Terre Vert, Chromium Green, Winsor Green ( yellow shade), hooker's green deep, sap green, olive green and even green gold.  Over the last year, I have found that a green will not work unless you consider the complete composition.

I remember when 'Viridian' was in all the beginner's kits - now it seems to have changed to phlatho green. The 'bright' almost fluorescent green isn't easy to place in all the subtle spring greens. It's great for shadows with its complement, terrific for undertones for faces, good for adding tonal value....but it certainly isn't something that is understood when you start painting and you want just that 'green' for a Norfolk pine, or a rhubarb leaf or a crocus.  

over the next weeks, I will try and discuss more of my green journey with you on this blog. It will definitely be mentioned in my upcoming online intermediate class in May.  I think it may be time to even put some videos together as spring has sprung!

I let you know how my 'green' thumb makes it through with my paint brush.

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April 10,2021
New intermediate class

a year and it's been an amazing experience painting and demoing online.  The next classes will include a horse drawn carriage in Mexico, a dry docked boat in Dubrovnik, a seascape from Corfu, a statue from Sissi's castle, making glass in Murano, Italy and fun set of loose watercolours of cats.  

come join me in exploring travelling virtually with your paints and brushes.

The province is slowly getting vaccines out, so soon we won't have to paint from home. So, for one more set, I will be teaching online via zoom during May and June.  May 4 and 5 - same course - one evening, one during the day.

I've created almost 80 videos and learned so much of the process for zoom, you tube and using social media.  Now I want to focus on getting new material onto my website and ready for the 25th Culture Crawl.

Intermediate watercolours focuses on a real photo that I have taken and applies a compositional style in watercolour.  I take you through the demo step by step and also include video and reference material. There is time in class to ask questions. In between classes, there is group Facebook page where you can share your paintings and ask questions as well.

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