Watercolour Biennial Kosovo Nov 2019
Upcoming events and shows (3)

Watercolour Biennial 2 - International Watercolour Society of Kosovo, National Musuem of Kosovo, November 2019 “Red, Red, Chairs”

ArtRich - group show with the Richmond Coalition of artists at The Richmond Gallery, Dec 3-Dec31, 2019 “Buddha Flower”

Whistler Views
West Vancouver Fall Classes (6)

This fall, three classes that I will be instructing;

Watercolour with Sonia

Watercolour intermediate

Ambleside sketching and watercolour

in this studio, you’ll find some of the pieces we have done in past sessions.


Bee in the Moment
Florals and Blooms (18)

Flowers and blooms always make me happy and give me so much pleasure. I love learning about the background, gardening needs, varieties and just the endless colours or roses, perrenials and more!  Come walk in the garden with me.

Rain over False Creek
Water, Water everywhere (25)

Water is so varied and compelling to paint.  From raindrops to reflections, from calm seas to raging storms and rain; it carries new emotion each time I try to recreate the scene on watercolour paper.

Moody Blues
Landscapes (6)

Living near the water and downtown has its advantages. It is so mesmerizing to see the changing water view daily and also enjoy the contrast of all the urban buildings .  The Mountains and forested areas are so near that it’s great to be able to capture these scenes as well. 

Heritage Carousel
Reflections, buildings and more realism (18)

I enjoy finding different view points from local and far away landscapes. It is a memory or a special area or building that stirs me. The idea brews in my subconscious, sketches are made, colours float in my mind and then suddenly; I just have to get it on paper.

Somewhere in Santorini
Plein Air (10)

Any day outdoors is a great plein air day, especially when you have others with you!

Flowers and Gates Coloring Pages
Colouring Pages (7)

I enjoy drawing in ink and have 3 sets of different colouring pages - 2 sets are varying scenes from Mexico and the third set are Florals.  They can be painted with watercolour, watercolour pencils or water soluable pens and colouring pencils.  Each picture is on 90lb heavier paper that is 8 x11.5.

Great as gifts for adults and children.


The Brown's
Commissions (5)

I enjoy the challenge and reward of painting commissions. If you are interested in recreating a family scene, landscape, house or portrait to give to someone or for yourself, I would be very happy to assist you in the mediums of watercolour or acrylic.  I require funds upfront and an agreed arrangement on how many visits before and during the commission process.  Here are a few of my satisfied customers.