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Welcome!  This is an ongoing changing studio with advertising of upcoming events and shows. 

Batten Down the Hatches
Plein Air Watercolors (9)

Anytime is a great time to Plein Air!  I enjoy every opportunity to get out and paint with friends and sketch with the Vancouver Sketch Club.

Ete en Eze
The Mediterranean (11)

Views from my September 2016 trip during an Artist adventure aboard Cunard's Queen Victoria

pink Hydrangeas
Florals (7)

Flowers always inspire me and I enjoy exploring all aspects of the floral garden.  My favorite is the Trumpet Flower or Angel Tears.   There are many other names associated with this bush or sometimes tree.  However, the flower is so fleeting and its blooms so varied, there is always something new to see and try to recreate.

Boats on the Fraser
Water scenes (9)

I am drawn to the water.  I love to sit by the beach and sketch or feel the sea salt and fresh air on my face as I boat the Sunshine Coast.  The water has so many moods to draw from!

Shadows play
Landscapes (9)

A varied and eclectic set of watercolor landscape scenes from the Lower Mainland of Vancouver to the shores of Lake Chapala.

Meditative Coloring Pages Lake Chapala Parts Unknown #2
Coloring Pages (7)

In Lake Chapala Parts Unknown; there are 12 individual scenes of Lake Chapala and flowers on heavy bristol paper. Each page can be colored, inked, felt penned or watercolored and framed for your personal enjoyment. The 12 page set is packaged in a reusable plastic resealable pouch and has a front page display of the different coloring pages, most completed in color to help you with your coloring selection.  Pencil crayons can be made available to go with the kit.  Packages are available at the Galerie Sol Mexicano in Ajijic.  Also available are coloring postcards of the area.  They make great gifts for all ages.

My latest coloring pages; Lake Chapala Parts Unknown II, is also 12 pages of all new scenes of the region, landscapes, flowers and people.

These will be available at Open Studios on February 25 and 26th.  They will also be available at Galeria Sol Mexicano in Ajijic and Trinidad Copy Center in San Antonio.

False creek reflections
Vancouver Landscapes and Seascapes (12)

Vancouver landscapes and seascapes in various styles of plein air, studio paintings and pen and inks.


Angel Tears
Trust Fund For Education - UWC (1)

I along with other member artists of the Hycroft Painters group were asked to donate a photo of one of our paintings to assist in the Trust Fund for education.

The purchase of this card and others provides scholarship and bursaries for women's education through the University Women's Club of Vancouver Trust Fund for Education and the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Charitable Trust.  The University Women's Club of Vancouver was established in 1907 and for over 100 years, we have been and continue to be, proud supporters of women's education.  Funds raised through the sale of these cards will be awarded as additional scholarships in 2019 in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of CFUW through the CFUW 100th Anniversary Scholarship Projects.  If you are interested in supporting women's education please contact the University Women's Club of Vancouver, Trust Fund for Education, 1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver, BC VGH 1V1, Tel 604-731-4661.

Candy Views
Whimsy (6)
Ajijic Fiesta, Papel Picado #4
Papel Picado (4)

My love of vibrant color and whimsical scenes has inspired this series of paintings in watercolor.  The name papel picado from spanish means little holes cut in the paper.

Life on Lake Chapala
Viva Mexico and Lake Chapala (10)

I enjoy being a snowbird in the Lake Chapala Area.  The vibrant colors, wonderful people and so many great activities make it a very busy arts community.  I love trying new scenes and taking everyday activity and landscapes and transforming them into watercolors.

Family at the Beach
Portraits (5)

Small or large, I enjoy capturing the essence of a person in watercolor.

Acrylics (2)

I work with open acrylics and find this medium a joy to work with.