Mid Main art Fair
Upcoming events and shows (4)

June 10

Mid Main Art Fair on 15th and Main Street at the Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street


June 23 & 24

Plein Air workshop at the Music Box in Ambleside West Vancouver. Registration at http://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/westvanrec/Activity_Search/40710


Summer Exhibition at Hycroft Gallery 1489 McRae, Vancouver

August 12, 2018

Happy Accidents, learn to  regain control of painting in watercolour without fear with these techniques. 3hr interactive watercolour instruction 12 to 3pm. Register through the Ferry Building and the Harmony Arts Festival.



Lady in Red
Florals and Blooms (8)

Flowers and blooms always make me happy and give me so much pleasure. I love learning about the flowers background, gardening needs, varieties and just the endless colours!  Come walk in the garden with me.

Last of the Landmark
Waterscapes (19)

Living near the water has its advantages. It is so mesmerizing to see it daily and yet it changes minute by minute.  I love to view the colour changes and all the different water reflections.

Candy Views
Landscapes (9)

I enjoy finding different view points from local and far away landscapes. It is a memory or a special area or building that gets my interest.

Action at the Harmony Arts Festival
Plein Air (7)

Upcoming workshop at the MusicBox June 23 & 24, 2018.  See more in my blog and under instruction/classes.

Any day outdoors is a great plein air day, especially when you have others with you!

View to Acropolis
Cruising the Mediterranean (10)
Ripening Bananas
Colouring Pages (2)
Angel Tears
Cards to support Trust Fund for Education (1)

The purchase of this card (donated copy of watercolor painting " Angel Tears") provides scholarships and & bursaries for women's education through the University Women's Club of Vancouver Trust Fund for Education and the Canadian Federation of University Wommen (CFUW) Charitable Trust.

Cards are $2.50 each, $10 for 5 or $1 each for 50 or more.

The University Women's Club of Vancouver was established in 1907 and for over 100 years we have been, and continue to be, proud supporters of women's education.  Funds raised through the sale of these cards will be awarded as additional scholarships in 2019 in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of CFUW through the CFUW 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project.  If youare inerested in supporting women's education through a donation please contact us at University Women's Club of Vancouver, Trust Fund for Education, 1489 McRae Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6H 1V1, Tel: 604-731-4661.

Life on Lake Chapala
Commissions (4)

I have been requested on occasion to complete commissions.  I require funds upfront and an agreement arrangement on how many visits before and during the commission process.  Here are a few of my satisfied customers.