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Description: Mediterreanean, landscapes, seascapes, Flowers, cards, architecture, buildings, views, pen and ink, whimsy, plein air, plein aire, trumpet flowers, orange, blue, boats, beaches, papel picado, flowers, coloring pages, colouring pages, false creek, sea, sky,

Keywords: Sonia, Mocnik, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, MyArtClub.Com,, Book, Calligraphic, Caricature, Contemporary, Contemporary Realism, Expressionist, Figurative, Illustrative, Impressionist, Interpretative, Realist, Representational, Whimsical, Acrylic, Coloured Pencil, Mixed Media, Monoprint, Pen and Ink, Watercolour, Watercolour and Ink, Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Paper, Aquatic, Architecture, Art, Birds, Botanical, Children, City Scenes, Composition, Culture, Environment, Equine,

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