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July 04,2020
where have the fireworks gone

Quiet evening for July 4th here in Vancouver - even the lights are off the stadium dome.  Life is certainly returning to a more normal routine outside.  Today and even this late evening I can hear more traffic noises and the sound of the skytrain passing by.  Back when all things went "Covid" it was silent - no cars, hardly a skytrain passing, calm waters as the aqua buses stopped, no people plying the waters with kayaks.  The one definite difference is no dragon boats.  That has allowed many a boater in a large vessel to come into the false creek area and drop anchor near science world.  Mentioning that, even Science World hasn't reopened.

I'm still isolating as much as possible and focusing on new ways to share my art.  I have begun online classes with former students via zoom and now have more instructional videos on my youtube channel.  I am enjoying these processes and finding out everyday more efficient ways to film, document and record the way I paint.

I love all the material other artists have shared.  It has been a real blessing for those of us stuck inside for various care giving reasons.

I look forward next week to venturing out to hang some paintings in an upcoming show.  We will be masked and the opening will be virtual and also on my youtube channel, but its a show!  I just finished getting all the paintings in frames and its ready to go to the gallery for Tuesday.  Then lots more to think about for possible upcoming class material whether it is virtual or in a real classroom setting.  It may even mean I can get to my studio space and try it out!

In the meantime, hope you are staying safe and sane in these interesting times.

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 11:19


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