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December 03,2019
Merry and Bright!

I love the lights, smells and sounds of the christmas season. I'm very grateful that I can enjoy these at Hycroft Manor. Over the years of being a member, I can't believe how many dedicated hours of volunteering by members keep this heritage house looking so beautiful. I was visiting for a new gallery opening by Terresa is from Langley and an active Federation member.  She participates in activities with the Fraser Valley chapter and paints wonderful woodland and flower scenes in acrylic.  

not only did I get a chance for a wonderful viewing of her show and time to get to know her, I loved that the house was so beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations. Teresa's show is up until the beginning of February and with all the non member and member activity during the holiday season, it will be a popular site on the second floor.  Hycroft is locate at 1489 McRae Ave in Vancouver.  You can call to make an appointment to view the gallery or check the universitywomenofvancouver web site to come and view the show during times when the house is open to the public for various open events.  Plus you get to see the house decorated so beautifully by Lee Dennstedt and Paula Boleen, members who volunteer their time to share the festive season.


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