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August 19,2019
Watercolour classes and more

The summer is ebbing, but it looks like Vancouver will still get more nice weather. I’m slowly working my way through paintings, cards and art supplies as I reorganize my studio material.

I am enjoying three watercolour books that I took out from the library to provide inspiration for my upcoming watercolour classes.  I have a 4 day class for sketching and watercolour and last class was full of great ideas, I have to find some new material to add more to the new class.  As this class is set at the Music Box, there is some great time to enjoy the common gardens and the beautiful waterfront.  I’m expecting a group that already knows each other quite well, so there needs to be time to catch up and enjoy the cameraderie! 

A bicycle and beach scene is definitely one subject I want to explore. There has been an elusive Otter that pops up every so often, so that’s another good sketching subject.  There are quite a few local eagles which could also make an interesting composition.

The class, Watercolour with Sonia is going to be a variety of subjects with opportunity to try your own subject and style as well as try some loose painting without pre-drawing.  We always have the light boxes at the ready to trace, but I want to ensure the students get a chance to becfreer and not so technical.

Watercolour Intermediate will be all about exploring the use of three primary colours to create new painting.  We finished off the last sessions with a negative painting of clematis and one student forwarded a photo of her painting - she and I were really pleased with how it turned out.

Happy Painting!

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