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August 13,2019
The time has come

so, Harmony is over and what fun it was! Made new friends, met new students, enjoyed great food and music and loved the Bobbie Burgess Exhibition at the Ferry Building!

thank you everyone who liked my Facebook entries at Artist Sonia Mocnik. I also thank all my 350 followers on instagram!

right now, I still need to take down the art work at Jones and co Framers who were really amazing to work with. Learning about the equipment they have to Mat and frame art was super cool!

lots of my art cards sold during the last week and a sunflower painting sold at the Federation gallery!  I am very happy that my creations have found homes! 

Don´t forget, August 14 registration begins for my watercolour classes.

happy Painting!


Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 11:01


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