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August 02,2019
29th Harmony Arts Festival Starts!

Today at 11am begins the wonderful festival in West Vancouver.  Last night after participating at the First Thursday Art Walk, I went out for coffee and finished around 10pm.  The streets were completely quiet and a few lights were glowing from the tent surroundings at Harmony.  It was surreal as I know it will be very busy today and this weekend with the Art Market, Art Speak Tent, Art BEAT, the openings of all the shows from the Ferry Building to the Silk Purse Gallery.

I'm heading over this evening for the openings at the Silk Purse Gallery, The Group Exhibition and the Ferry Building and to spend some time at my Art Beat location 1445 Bellevue Avenue.

I will be at Jones and Company Bespoke Framers all day tomorrow to demo watercolour, talk about my techniques and give my guests a chance to try their hand at the medium. I will be instructing a workshop next weekend the 11th from 12-3pm.  There may still be space available #63799 at or 604-925-7270.

See at the Festival!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 12:35


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