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April 02,2019
Bee in the moment

Cherry blossoms, blooms of all sorts are bursting all over Vancouver.  We are so blessed given that much of Canada is still in the grips of winter weather!

Join me at the opening reception of BLOOM at the Federation Gallery on Thursday April 4th

Lots of great events are happening locally now that we are feeling the first effects of spring.  This includes Plein Aire painting and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while capturing the feel of spring using your favourite medium.

have you ever wondered what Plein Aire is? It started in the early 19th century with the impressionist and others wanting to capture the moment outside of their painting studios.  The paint tube had been invented which allowed a portable way to transport pigments when painting on location.  Trying to capture a changing environment as the sun moves along in the sky is tricky at best.  In modern times, you might start a scene on a corner and the next thing you know, a truck or other object has moved in on your subject matter!  I still remember the one Plein aire event where a fellow painter started on a lifeboat and the next thing that happened was the lifeguard had taken the boat out on the water in an excercise.  Thank goodness for pictures and digital capture - a great reference when the moment is so fleeting.

Come join me, FCA members and Plein aire enthusiasts at Van Dusen Gardens. April 12 - 10-2pm, we will paint rain or shine - there is cover in case the weather changes.  The blooms are out, helebelores are sitting in water bowls, gardeners are making all the wonderful enhancements to the garden, there’s a snack shop, washrooms, garden library, garden shop and more - why not join us!

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