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January 29,2019
Primulas and Greens

I am practising my excercises for my next class of intermediate Watercolor.  I am incorporating  watercolour techniques with a subject matter that we paint.

I decided on Primulas (primrose, polyanthus, cowslips) as a good colourful subject matter.  I wanted to paint this loose,but realized I would have to complete drawings the first time round because I help my students by only having to trace their subject matter.

After drawing my subject matter from 4 very colourful pots of fresh Primula, I needed to copy the images.  Well, being only 2h pencil, the copy was way too light.  I ended up having to use my Copic black pen (.1).  That was almost another fail as I left most of my teaching equipment in the car, and was too lazy to go back and bring the material up.  I have so much to play with, I decided ‘I must have all or most of the same here in the studio.  Well, the copic tip had broken - I knew I had spares, but with using things everything never remains in the organized place you want it.

i successfully found the nib attachment and it was way easier to replace than I thought.  I also forgot how much ‘I like the ink and the nib for my drawings. Having managed this hurdle, I quickly drew over the tracings with ink, copied, jpeged and uploaded the images. Then it was on to paint. I used some of my older strathmore watercolour paper that is in long thin strips.  The process worked out beautifully and I will definitely do cards in this theme!

working on the greens were much more time consuming than I realized and took 3 days of many trials and errors to get something I wanted for the classes. Best was that I realized I really need to try more yellows out.  But that’s another blog story!

Primulas in January

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