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January 08,2019
Journaling practise

Well, having been out of the blogosphere for a while, I hope that my batteries are recharged during a much needed break over the holiday season. I had hoped to be more involved in my journaling, but find that even when on holidays, personal time can be restricted.


So I started small with my strathmore 100 sheet 3.5 x 5 60 lbs sketch book made from recycled paper.  It’s my go to sketch book since 2014 when I want to make quick pencil or ink sketches and add a little bit of colour. The sketches take about 10 minutes and then I can tidy them up later and define lines or fix as needed.  


I´m finding that I need bi focales because it is too difficult seeing my sketch at a certain distance.  When I take off my near sighted glasses,  I realize my drawing is far too loose and not quite as good as I thought during the moments I was speedily drawing. Maybe it’s just age starting to change to control of my sketch as I stand and quickly make some line or drop in a touch of colour.


The other night, I went back over one of my drawings while sitting at a proper table and it resulted in a much better rendering.  I tried a double page sketch in a larger sketch book of 6 x 8 that I brought, but I find it is just a little too big for the time I can spend.  I do like the fact that it closes with a nice hard cover, is ringed and has a holding place for a pencil.


I wanted to use more colour, so I moved on to my acquarello watercolour paper that I bought in Venice a couple of years is cold press 90lb paper and takes colour nicely as long as you don’t apply more than 3 layers.  After this,the transparency of the Paint starts to disappear.


Now I have a week left to try some black watercolour paper and guache Watercolor paints that I want to practice with. I neglected to bring any kind of water colour tray, but I will get one of the dinner plates from the Lido and that will serve as a good 

Substitute. It does mean I won’t be taking it around if I venture off the cruise ship where I am currently spending my vacation.


I am very satisfied with my smallest Pentel water brush. It has a very fine tip, good length to do washes with and easy cleaning. The larger brush is great for bigger projects, so much water comes out that it is harder to control on a smaller piece of paper.  I am looking forward to trying it with the guache.


I have found the colours that I have chosen to carry in my home made altoid tin a good mix.  Violet, scarlet lake, sepia, cobalt and transparent yellow.  I can get a good variety of colours and it has been working well for the variety of colours of the buildings I have sketched so far as well as a good mix for faces. 


I did bring watercolour crayons.  I need to practice more with them because the colours are unique - like salmon and chrome yellow as well as dark ochre.  They are Gallery by Mungo.  I also brought some Daniel smith quinacridones, but I haven’t had the need or time for these.


I also need to begin readying myself for my next two classes.  They start Jan 17 - the regular watercolour with Sonia, I have my ideas for the 8 weeks. My intermediate class, I want to start bringing in more techniques and develop them in class and I have to spend more time thinking about this.


Well, onto more painting.  Whatever you do, enjoy the new year and if you want to see some of the journaling pictures go to Facebook or Instagram and look for my name.

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 08:54


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