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October 23,2018
Upcoming Watercolour Classes

Well, great news - the books made it to my friend through the outreach program!

Now for just a little advertising for some of the upcoming classes that I will be instructing at the West Vancouver Community Center through the Arts and Culture Program.

Watercolour Intermediate #47119 and #47120

I have been instructing this class in Artist Elizabeth Cox's absence.  She has now decided to run with a separate open studio concept class and I will be teaching the remaining two sessions.  We try to complete a project in 2weeks and in the two  weeks, I hope to achieve a new or different technique that the student has not attempted before.  In this last set of 6 classes, we completed a loose watercolor with people holding umbrellas, a realism piece with a Catrina, a notan piece with a series of layers and boats as well as a day of trying small samples to remember watercolor techniques from our beginner classes (as a refresher).

#47119 starts November 8 until Dec 13th, thursday afternoons from 12:30 to 3pm.  We will continue with 2 week projects and incorporate ideas from the class.  

#47120 starts January 17

Watercolour with Sonia Mocnik is continuing #47115 and #47116

The next six weeks begin Nov 1st - Dec 6th, 9:00 - 12:00 on Thursdays.  I hope to explore more with botanicals, some more sketching, a new wintery set of cards or small vingnettes and then maybe a pet (dog or cat).  Depending on what the class is interested in, explore something else that is new to them, or that I have recently seen via the online circuit.  

The winter program begins Jan 17 and goes until March 14th.  This is one straight set of classes and I recommend starting and going through the whole program to get the best of all that is offered.  I always send out some pre-information and then if not sufficient, I recap the processes that we went through with pictures from the demo and more writeups.

All classes can be checked online at :

or by phone 604-925-7270

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