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July 29,2018
that critic on my shoulder

Painting, painting,’s part of my everyday.  My mind loves to bounce around and think about my future ideas for painting.  Once I find and start a project it tends to consume me.  I like it at first but later as the project progresses my personal critic loves to loom large and start to eat into my thoughts.  I wish it was more like a cuddly Elmo giggling on my shoulder - it certainly wouldn’t dampen my creativity as much.  

I try to break the work routine up remembering all the other aspects of my art business that need doing... the newsletter, updating owners of my art and the public about new shows or exhibits that I am participating in.

I also spend a fair amount of time volunteering for the Vancouver Sketch Club and now with Artist Kathy Traeger will be coordinating the next Mid Main Art Fair.  It helps keep me on my toes, or rather seeing all the things I should be doing ....let me count the new trends....

Most of all, I love being re-inspired why I do this now.  This morning it was the talk on CBC radio finding out about Penny Lane Gallery and the group of artists associated with her completing a mural as part of the Mural fest - happening on Aug 6th - may I add - and finding out that the 13feet off the ground gals are painting in the heat trying to get a mural finished in West Vancouver for Harmony, the seeing the great results online from the Semiamhoo Paint the town and the Qualicum Grand Prix ..... I could just be an arm chair artist and enjoy so many of the things coming my way online.....

but, wait a minute - i’ve Got to get the rocks finished on my latest painting - don’t I want to make the deadline for the FCA landscape show....oops ... got to get back to painting.  Keep out of the heat and stay hydrated!


Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 11:56


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