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July 26,2018
Trying different inks sketching

I use pen and ink with watercolour when I am sketching.  Recently, I have been given a chance to try a companies’ product that I wasn’t aware of.  #zebrapen is in Canada, the US and Japan and they have a selection of pens, felts and coloured and mechanical pencils.  I am trying out the Zensations and Sarasa pens.  The Zensations are black from .1 to .8 and the Sarasa are different colours. 

I usually use Derwent, Fabercastell, and Staedler and have suggested these to my students.  Archival and waterproof are very important to ensure you don’t find the ink running into the rest of your watercolours.

I try many different papers, but hot press paper is really great with the ink because of the papers smoothness.  Over 90lbs is also preferred.

I sketched yesterday at Dr.Sun Yat Sen Park in Vancouver.  Using the light smooth Strathmore sketch pad I have to warm up with, I wasn’t very happy with my sketches. However, I think I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing.  Several tourists were meandering the park and talked to myself and other sketchers there.

I’ll spend more time on my pen likes and dislikes in my next blog.  Happy Painting!


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