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July 20,2018
Harmony Arts and Plein Air

I hope this blog edition finds you with glass in hand and enjoying the wonderful summer weather! Look for me accepting the challenge to paint en plein air in 3 hours at the Grand Prix of Plein Air on August 4th from 10am to 1pm at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver.

I would like to invite you to all the wonderful activities happening at the Harmony Arts Festival August 3rd to 12th in West Vancouver’s wonderful Ambleside area.

In recent years, it has been more difficult to park for Harmony events.  Last year they coordinated with a bus company to take guest from the Park Royal parking lot over to the venue.  Please check the website for the latest information about how to visit the site and take in the great events.

Happy Accidents = Harmony Arts Festival

I have been participating in various Harmony activities over the past 7 years and am very pleased to have the opportunity to instruct on August 12, between 12 and 3pm at the Art Speak Tent near the Ferry Building.

My students loved my small square review of watercolour techniques and how to conquer your fear when something may not go quite right. Using a ¼ sheet of watercolor paper, we will separate the squares with tape and paint different mini paintings highlighting certain watercolour techniques and how to resolve issues that may arise allowing you to conquer your fears in this medium.

All supplies are provided during the activity and there will be a written hand out to take home with your completed squares.  There is a nominal charge for the material of $8 and you need to pre-register through Harmony Arts.

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