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August 27,2017
QE2 50th anniversary

It's getting hectic! One more gallery show to take down, another to put up with the Vancouver Sketch Club at the Richmond Gateway theatre and then it's off to England.

This year I am aboard Cunard's Queen Elizabeth travelling from Southampton around the Med with a themed cruise - the 50th Anniversary of the QE2.  There are some great lead up reviews of the anticipated events onboard.  Trivia, balls, talks, dinners; all in the spirit of the past ocean liner that is berthed currently in Dubai.

I have been scouring material about the QE2 to find out interesting tidbits like colors, special locations, decor memories that I can add into my demonstrations.  It's always very fun to put together my instruction for my classes. 9 days total at sea, so that will mean 18 classes - 2 hrs each - twice a day.  Lots to encounter, lots to explore and great reference photos to use along the way as I have photos from some of the same destinations from last year.  

I have started assembling my want list of materials and then see how much weight all of it will be. I am looking forward to tweeting and sending along social media updates as much as i can, so stayed tuned!

Don't forget, I will be instructing fall watercolor classes through the West Vancouver arts and rec program.  There are only a few places left if you are interested.  My web page in the section " about the artist" has further information.  I have not provided an indepth material list as we will use what everyone currently has and explore creativity and new things over the days of the course.  Most important is good paper...that has quite an impact on how the piece will come alive. And of course, there be lots of things to talk about from my recent trip.

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