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September 18,2016

it's been a very busy voyage and lots of interesting excursions. Yesterday's class was in the morning. The previous day we had 1600 new guests join the ship and today they were having their first day at sea.  Seas were a bit choppy so many ´┐╝were just relaxing. I had 14 people join in the class working diligently on tones, highlights and shadows with a lemon drawing and then painting. Then we moved on to Oleander where we could try painting with the Cotman palette which was new to many of the guests. Some were working from their own kits that they brought along.  

I focused on working from their lightest colour, lemon yellow and then adding in a light wash of Alizarin Crimson, then sap green and finally adding some blues in the background.  The ambitious guest took away some homework to try to paint a laundry scene from Venice that was available for them to transfer.

Several of the guest I had been teaching left the ship on Saturday.  They were such a joy to paint with and I hope their enthusiasm for watercolour and painting continue!



Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 11:21


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