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September 13,2016
Venetian MasksQueen Victoria.

I had a wonderful 2 days exploring Venice and will update further in days to come.  We explored our Cotman paints in class as the first of the 2 weeks of painting classes starting with 6 former guests and 7 new guests aboard the Queen Victoria.  By making a tracing of a Venitian mask, I had the guests try out many of their 12 pan pallets and also use their rigger and 8 round brush.

in the second half of the class we explored washes and a varigatted wash trying to paint a canal scene from Venice with a gondola included as the focal point.   I will be adding further insrtuction about this in this blog addition, but for now, I need to get back to preparing for our next class at sea.

it has been a more active cruise with destinations everyday, Dubrovnik, Kotor and Corfu tomorrow.  The senses are being overwhelmed with all the incredible scenery.

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