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September 01,2016
The Market Scene

During the visit to Kotor, I was able to see a lovely market just at the edge of the old city walls. The variation of colours in the umbrellas, the different amounts of light scattered over the great assortment of late summer fruits and vegetables was a delight to observe.

I wanted to capture that scene with the students.  I drew a sketch and had as many of the students ,between everything else they were doing, trace the picture.  Having a second project to work on if some washes were drying, kept all the guests focused on watercolour and all aspects of their art. Day 3, we were scheduled only for a 2hr morning class.  We were able to get into the wash of the sky and the street and add some color to the umbrellas as well as creating some mixed darker washes under the tarps.  We had to leave it there until the next class.

Since the last art class, we have had no more sea days and have been to Rhodes and today, a change from the original stop of Mykonos due to very strong winds.  We are currently docked in Heraklion, Greece.

The port and history of Rhodes or Rhodos, was spectacular, from morning to late afternoon, I just kept taking picture after picture.  I did manage two small sketches of some tall ships in the harbour as well as one of the Minorettes in the old city.  I am hoping to get to the painting later today, but also want to see the old city of this town. The scene from the top deck does not reveal the city as it did in Rhodes, so it's necessary to explore more.

Next class is hopefully next Tuesday or sooner depending on the wind and weather.  The topic will be "Getting cool in the heat of the Greek Isles", composition and depth.  We'll explore the shadows that we didn't have time for in the previous classes and we"ll talk and explore the color blue.


Market scene

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