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August 26,2016
Waiting for the plane to Athens

Trying to get organized as I wait at Terminal 2 in Heathrow airport.  In a short while, I will be flying to Athens and boarding the Cunard Queen Victoria.  My brushes are ready and I can't wait to start taking reference photos to see what inspires me to paint!

Artist Jane Appleby is just finishing her tour of duty aboard the same ship.  she visited some of the same places that I will be.  She was able to post a few pictures of her trip and the class on her Facebook page, so I already have an idea of the room which will be used for the watercolour classes.

Now, I just need to catch up on my sleep as the flight from Vancouver was quite long and a red eye.

Athens tonite, the Port of Pireaus tomorrow.

My first day at sea will be the start of the teaching and I will be covering all the basics and getting everyone familiar with their material. There could be guests who have taken a few classes on board already....we'll just wait and see.


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