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May 29,2016
Solo show June 1st to July 3rd

Great way to start the summer with a show featuring over 40 pieces of my watercolors at the Unitarian Church located at 949 - 49th Ave.  Crossroads are 49th and Oak street.  The opening is scheduled for June 9th from 6-8, 2016.  The show " Artistic Journeys" features my work from Mexico, Canada and my favorite plein air activity.  The larger pieces will be featured in the Sanctuary and smaller pieces will be featured in the Fireside Room.  Please come and see the work and check out the for the latest information for other viewing times.

Artist Carol Mquaid mentioned the show on CO-OP radio 100.5 fm.  Thanks for this Carol!!  Also, Carol is featured at the Cultch with her opening on June 1st in the evening.  More information at the Cultch website.

I will be attending Artist Jan Poynters class on Bowen Island next Sunday.  She is doing a workshop on acrylics and plein air through Opus Art Supplies.  Lots of great information on their website and there may still be some spaces available for this weekend course.  She is offering a class on both June 4th and 5th and details can be found at her website or at Opus

Master Artist Alfonso Tejada has been really busy since his return from Italy with the International Watercolor Society.  He is the head of the Canadian division and will be involved in the first Watercolor Biennalle here in Vancouver in July.  He has been demoing at the downtown Opus store as well as the North Shore Opus store yesterday.  For more information about the upcoming Biennalle check out

I will be having an opportunity to share my love of watercolors with a group at Tapestry at UBC.  I will be assisting Artist Enda Bardell over the summer with a few watercolor sessions.  I will write more about my teaching experience on further blog posts.

And last but not least, a big thank you goes out to Opus staff, Carrie, Robbin and Jack who greatly assisted me with my art supply order for the upcoming show.  They had everything ready and waiting for me and Jack was a terrific assistant getting the materials out to my car in the pouring rain!!!  Thanks again everyone.

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