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April 20,2016
Fabriano in Aquarello

Well, tomorrow is  the first day of the four day exhibition in Fabriano Italy.  Master Artist Alfonso Tejada is there and so are a few of the other artists in the contingent from Canada and the Bahamas.  My painting, Britannia Shipyards is there alongside the other 11 artists representing our countries!  I am just imagining all the creative energy and buzz that will be happening now as morning approaches in Europe!!!!

Back in Canada and enjoyed my first plein air at the Vandussen Gardens on April 9th.  Three paintings - two oils and one watercolor were awarded prizes!  One of my favorite artists and the painter who won first in last years Harmony Competition, Brad Wong, beat me out!!!!!  All the 13 artists were amazing and the weather was just incredible! it was like July!  I found the sun so intense that again I was being overwhelmed by the whiteness of the watercolor paper.  They have umbrellas to help with that, I just need to get one!!!

Since then I was delighted to find out two of my paintings made it into the Juried show "Culture" at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.  They will be displayed from April 26 to May 8th and I'm really looking forward to seeing them up in the space.  Artist Carol Mcquaid and Artist Susannah Paranich will also have paintings displayed!

The Biennale competition took in 575 paintings and out of that 175 were selected.  I unfortunately didn't make the cut.  However, there will be another in 2018!

I have just submitted to the Federation for their show "Plein Air" so will see if any get selected.  As well, will be painting with a large group of the Federation on Saturday, April 23rd down at Jericho Beach.  We will be there most of the day, rain or shine, so why not come by and visit, watch and maybe even the whale that's been spotted in the area will show up just to get some recognition on our paintings!!

I had a wonderful time at the demonstration given by Artist Bruce Edwards at the Vancouver Sketch Club yesterday.  We observed a still life made up of fresh flowers from the Hycroft Gardens!  Pictures can be found on their facebook page.

Today, at Opus Downtown, I was part of a group exploring the use of Faber Castel pens with Artist and Faber Castel representative Don Colley.  Fun afternoon of observing and learning more about urban sketching, expecially about the human form and how to capture the focus and form of a person.  We even received a set of Faber Castel black pens!

Friday, I deliver my paintings to Federation for the show and then the plein air on Saturday.  I've also signed up to participate in the "Art Pod" at the Granville Island Market to help promote "Federation of Canadian Artistis",

Still have to get the newsletter out for the spring and have to get painting myself.  Lots of ideas, just can't get my brush to do the work.  Wait a minute, the brush is only an instrument....I have to get to work!



Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House

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