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June 15,2019
Relaxing to jazz

Finally a chance to put my feet up after several recent shows and art classes. It’s a very warm Saturday night sitting in the sunroom listing to CBC smooth jazz and looking through all my photos prepping for my next painting. 

Its so easy to just keep going back to social media to check on the lasted event.  However, I’ve spent some time on updates and emails and now I’m just trying to focus on my next project.  There is another opening, but more important is a deadline to get a painting uploaded for the Harmony arts Artspeak exhibit.  I have the idea, I have the photo, now I just have to decide on my style and paint colours.  It will be not be too large as the Silk Purse does not have a great deal of display space.

i need to go back to a video that I took last year to refresh my memory about what the process was when we had the opening event.  This painting is to try and assist in what my workshop will be covering as well, just some kind of link or bridge to what I will be exploring through the session on August 11th.

So, a little more music, and then to sleep to dream of painting....

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